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For any current clients who have paid for advance packs, I will still process your samples and will still be available for help and advice.

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Horse Worm Egg Count

The Process

How we do the horse worm egg count

From the dung sample you send us:

  • We weigh the sample, and add a specific amount of flotation fluid.
  • We then mix the sample and filter out the large particles.
  • We separate the sample into four exact amounts, and spin it to separate the particles and worm eggs.
  • We then put four small amounts on specialist microscope slides; we identify and count the worm eggs.
  • This is repeated three times to ensure an accurate result.
  • Using a mathematical formula, we then work out your egg per gram result (epg).

The advice sent will be for your horse!

We use the epg result, and the information you send us about your horse, its environment and history, to advise you about your options for protecting your horse against worm infestations.

Your results will be scientifically accurate

We do all we can so your results are as scientifically accurate as possible. We process the sample you send to us within 24 hours of receipt, and we always use four separate samples and repeat three times, to achieve the most reliable result.

What happens next?

We’ll contact you by email or post, to let you know your horse’s results and what you need to do next.

If have any questions or need more advice on horse worm egg counts please contact us, we are always happy to help.