Due to a house move, I won't be available via the internet for a few months. Please keep an eye on the website for updates

For any current clients who have paid for advance packs, I will still process your samples and will still be available for help and advice.

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Horse Worm Count Postal Service

How to use my Horse Worm Count Postal Service:

Request your horse worm count pack using the online order form you will receive your pack through the postal service.

Using the horse worm count pack, collect the fresh dung sample and send it back to PETS.

When the horse worm count has been completed, the results will be sent directly to you.

A full analysis with advice is forwarded to you, either by post or email.

If you need to know more please contact PETS, all questions will be answered.


Number of HorsesPrice per horseTotal
For individuals1£8.00£8.00
For small groups2£7.00£14.00
One year health plan*This pack includes 4 tests, to be used on one horse across the year£6.50£26.00
For groups of up to 10 horses, contact me and we can arrange a plan that suits your needs.

*The one year health plan is specifically arranged for your horse, this may mean completing worm counts over a longer or shorter time period and will depend on the information you provide about your horse and his environment.


Payment is accepted in the form of PayPal, a cheque, or by postal order.

If you’d like to pay through PayPal, simply fill out the online order form and submit it, then click on the PayPal button.

Or, if you’d like to send a cheque or postal order, fill out the online order form, and your pack will be posted, you can then send your cheque or postal order back with the sample.

Results and analysis are sent when your payment has cleared.