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For any current clients who have paid for advance packs, I will still process your samples and will still be available for help and advice.

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About Me

A Bit About Me

My first love affair was with horses, I have always been amazed by the beauty, grace and power of horses and their willingness to allow us to hold them captive. A favourite quote is:

“The horse. Here is nobility without conceit, friendship without envy, beauty without vanity. A willing servant, yet never a slave.” Robert Duncan

Throughout my life, whatever my responsibilities have been, my love for horses has never diminished. Perhaps one of the main reasons being that no matter how much time I spend with these amazing animals I never stop learning! My own mare, Holly, is now over 20 years of age, she has been with me since she was just over 3 years old and still manages to surprise me! I learned long ago not to take anything for granted.

As horse owners, we are constantly bombarded with information on new training techniques, advice about feedstuffs and health supplements and I found recently, confusing information about worming preparations and programmes.

I trained as a Parasitologist – the study of creatures that live in or on another animal. I decided to put that training to better use and concentrate on the worms that are present in horses. The decision was based partly on the problems I have seen and experienced with my own mare; Holly, and of those in friends horses.

I understand that your horse is more than a pet and that owning a horse is a way of life. I have the capability to apply my science expertise and my passion for Equines, to benefit not only my own mare but your horse too.

Andrea Ford B.Sc. (Hons) – Biology and Environmental Science

M.Sc. – Molecular Parasitology and Vector Biology

P.E.T.S. is a parasite evaluation and testing service. We perform scientifically accurate worm egg counts, to enable you to make informed decisions about worming strategies and to assist you in giving the best possible care for your horse.

We aim to be a friendly and approachable business that caters for the individual needs of you and your horse, informing and advising you in an easy to understand manner, whilst being professional and reliable.