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Horse Worm Count

Horse Worm Counts

What We Do

Reduced Worming Strategy

The Reduced Worming Strategy is simply a way to monitor and control the worm infestations in your horse, by replacing a chemical wormer preparation with a worm egg count. Completing worm counts for your horse is now recommended by veterinary practices worldwide to help prevent worms becoming resistant to worming chemicals.

With PETS Horse Worm Counts

  • Save money – Horse wormers are often an unnecessary expense – if the worm egg count is low, a wormer is not needed! A horse worm egg count with PETS is cheaper than most horse wormers.
  • Safeguard your horse’s health – Only use wormers when your horse actually needs one and avoid any possible side effects caused when your horse is given chemical wormers. Natural stomach and gut processes in your horse suffer less disruption.
  • Peace of mind – The PETS horse worm count will provide you with an accurate count of worm eggs inside your horse, so you know about your horses’ internal health.
  • Environmently friendly – By using fewer chemical wormers you will be helping the environment; the chemicals in wormers harm important insects like dung beetles.
  • PETS is a tailored service – The things you tell me about your horse are important to me! I listen, and my advice is individual to you and your horse.

Horse Worm Count

My affordable prices include discounts for repeat and multiple samples. If you’d like to discuss a different plan to suit your needs contact me, I’m always happy to help.

PETS Parasitologist – Andrea Ford, will provide free advice for anyone wishing to use horse worm counts as part of their worming strategy.